Here are some questions and answers about our product?

What is the shelf life of the cakes & Pies in a Jar?

Our cakes & pies in a jar are fresh up to 10 days upon arrival or purchase date with no refrigeration.

Refrigeration is recommended. Our cakes & pies in a jar are fresh up to 21 days when refrigerated.  Upon arrival or purchase date.

All jars can be frozen for up to 4 months. If you do freeze them, please allow them to thaw thoroughly before serving.

My son/daughter has a peanut/tree nut allergy. Are your cakes and pies safe for them to eat?

At Mama Denise Cakes & Pies in a Jar, we practice safe food handling. However, only you know the severity of a loved one's allergy. We respectfully ask that you refrain from ordering our product if you have any hesitation or question about a potentially hazardous ingredient. We use wheat and nut products in our cakes and pies. We can't in good conscience take liberties when advising on such an important issue. Thanks for ordering responsibly. If you are on a program like Weight Watchers the Cakes & Pies in a Jar are similar to a slice of Cake with Icing points.

I don't like the type of frosting you offer. Can you make different frosting or different type of flavored cakes/pies?

As much as we'd like to accommodate all likes and dislikes, we have our standard recipes and these are what we follow. Our products are unique signature desserts in jars. We are always striving to add to our menu. We ask that you check in to our website to see what's new or in the works at Mama Denise Cakes & Pies in a Jar!