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Denise Victoria McAllister (Mama Denise) graduated from Friends International University with a Doctor of Counseling degree, Grand Canyon University with Master of Science/Professional Counseling degree, Drew University with  a Master of Theology. Nominated Employee of the Quarter for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland. Senior Health Systems Specialist for seven years. Has traveled across the United States and overseas as a professional speaker. Making history as the first Woman Deputy Chief Rank, and 1st African American Woman Chaplain, (1995) for the Police Department in Newark, New Jersey. Denise has received numerous awards for her excellent work ethics and integrity over the past thirty years.

There was a shift in Denise's life on December 22, 2012 (Mama Denise) which changed the course of her life. Denise encountered a tragic car accident wherein a driver ran a red light; which left her with substantial injuries.

During her miracleous recovery she went back to doing one of the things she loves - cooking and baking. Her cooking skills went to another level and Mama Denise® Cakes & Pies in a Jar was born! Every jar is made with lots of Mama Denise love!!! Within five months in launching this business, Mama Denise® Cakes & Pies in a Jar has been in thirty (30) retail locations and invited to several events. A superior woman of integrity has launched the same superior level of product and brand. Mama Denise (Dr. McAllister) is available for conferences, seminars and special events to share her extraordinary story to encourage others to never quit, cave in or give up.