You can order Mama Denise Cakes & Pies in a Jar sent to you by mail - by clicking  on "Click Here to Process"

 tab above or by calling  301-523-2044  


We Ship UPS -Mama Denise Cakes & Pies in a Jar are $7 Per Jar Plus Shipping & Handling

Minimum Purchase of 4 Jars required per order - If ordering "Specials" please click on the

specific "Buy Now" Button


When ordering by UPS, please allow 2-3 days shipping for arrival

-Special Request for customized labels & large orders - please call 301-523-2044
- Orders of over 50 Cakes/Pies in the Jar - please allow 7-10 days advance notice
- Catering available upon request – please call 301-523-2044

Having a party or special event and need the most amazing desserts to delight your guests?

Mama  Denise Cakes & Pies in a Jar is your answer*** ** Need a unique gift for a friend or family member

Our fresh baked cakes and pies in a jar are the perfect solution.

For Retail or Wholesale Purchases call 301-523-2044