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An Absolutely amazing dessert with fresh ingredients and home cooked taste, with a beautiful presentation, cannot be beat! Worth every star Khalil H. 4/2016

I had the Strawberry Cherry Jubilee Cake in a Jar, Brownie and Apple pie. They were absolutely delicious!! Like having homemade desserts in a jar, the freshness of the ingredients and the texture of the cakes and pies made all the difference. If you have not tried and tasted this dessert in a Jar for yourself do it today! - 100% delicious HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Deserves Five Stars ***** Leo P. 4/2016

Mama Denise's cakes and pies were definitely made with love! I've tried the Strawberry Cherry Jubilee and the Apple Pie. They both were delightful. I've never had a cake so moist and "NOT SOGGY" at all. It's a perfect portion to cheat on your diet. Awesome treat. I enjoyed every bite! All my co-workers enjoyed them as well. I see a bright future for these desserts! If you haven't tried one already, get several... ONE IS NOT ENOUGH  Lol    Tia C. 3/2016

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